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23 minutes ago, CoolDudeMcCool said:

When it's five in the morning and the synthesis targets start undergoing mitosis and splitting into two identical targets is it time to go to bed

No no. That's extra points that is. You should keep going.

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*Walks into the thread and stares the desolation, while a fine black snow gently falls from the sky..

Wait. It is not a snow.

3 часа назад, Renegade343 сказал:

"And Nova killed everyone in here."

Ah. That explains it. Well, at least no tentacles were involved. Yay?

23 минуты назад, CoolDudeMcCool сказал:

It told me the new one was already scanned and then it ran away so I just scanned the first one and carried on. I didn't see the second one again.

Is it not one of their powers? Some targets drop doubles.

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13 часов назад, CoolDudeMcCool сказал:

I play the game, I'm just super casual and stupid


You are either smart and do not bother to waste your time on trying to scan a target before someone will kill it (Void help you if you have a modded pet or Sentinel with you).

Or you are very empathetic and do not want to turn someone into raw data. Because if you do, certain sadistic orange nerd will force said someone to hopelessly “FIGHT FOREVER” in Sanctuary (among other things).

Of course now, Symaris have Rivens... things change.

Edit: I am sorry, I just felt the urge to say something nice. Or was it the urge to contradict others just because? Always confuse those two.

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