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Now, of course I'd never incite or encourage scripting on websites especially when it's against forums & terms of service rules... buuuuuut-


Surely that would be the most successful move to complete this thread and reign the champion ?

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Il y a 5 heures, MagPrime a dit :

Yep, a whole 4.4hr of unbroken sleep. Side effects are headache, nausea and excessive need to cuddle puppies though. 

Your all weird.

I feel tired when I get less than 6.

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54 minutes ago, MagPrime said:

Yes lol 

Although my sleep has gotten better lately.  The headaches and nausea are a separate thing though.  Had those for as long as I can remember. 

I hope it gets better for you, frequent headaches im familiar with but not nausea, though i feel with you on both.

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