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Just made my Mother something called 'Scottish Tablet' for Christmas.


The ingredients are: 150 ml of Water.

100 grams of Condensed Milk (not evaporated - condensed).

175 grams of butter.


Mix them together for like 45 minutes until the water has mostly boiled off.

Let it set



I'm fairly sure that this plays when you eat it:


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I think I'll skip that. :D

Made myself a large ducks breast, scored deep on both sides to make it easier to heat it through, salt and pepper well, fry on the pan for 2x6 minutes on each side with a teaspoon of coconut oil (enough to start the frying and the fat from the duck will do the rest. Made gravy with some duck soup stock and a medium roux. Potatos. Broccoli. Pickled red cabbage with a dash of balsamico vinegar. Serve with a tablespoon of red currant jelly.

A little heavy on the carbs, but eh... It's christmas.

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34 minutes ago, Loza03 said:

I hope everybody had a lovely christmas, or what/ifever you personally celebrate.


If not, I hope that you came as close to it as you could.

You too. Mery christmas ^.^ 

Hope you guys take care ^.^

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On 2020-12-30 at 8:16 AM, (PSN)IIFrost_GhostII said:

My type of game 😍😍

It`s funny coz ppl are criticizing this game about how bad the graphics is, for me idk about that as long as the game is fun I don`t give a frig. Prototype 1 & 2, Tron: Evolution and Darsiders 2 didn`t have the best graphics but those games were fun, I hear a lot that ppl say Prototype 1 & 2 was fun as hek and want a 3rd game, again as long as its fun I'm good and we need more games like this. Put it this way, the gameplay reactions i`ve see from this game I don`t see ppl have that kind of reaction for Darksouls type games.

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