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Need Help : Building Dojo Halls



Hello all, im hoping you can help me with info on this one.


I am warlord for a clan, and building it up atm. But have come to a point where i cant build more clan halls(great,greater,grand,grandest) there is enough energy to build them, but they aren't availible in the build menu.

Is there a max on those structures? I build a grandest hall right over the standard start hall, put an elevator at the end of that, On the 2nd story i can build Obstacle course, which we all can agree takes up a lot more space.


Any info on the topic is useful for me atm, thx in advance :)

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We have 7 halls in our guild at the moment, most of which are the grandest hall.  So I don't think there is a limit on how many you can have.  I don't know why you cant build one. You could try building a four-way and see if it will allow to build a hall from the that.  I'm really puzzled at this. Perhaps you need to log out, or close and reopen warframe.  Also I would try and see if it allows you to build a hall somewhere else, it could be that, that location is just bugged for you.

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