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a week and no Ephemera! DE PLEASE HELP


Its been a week and I haven't received my Ephemera, ive been linked for 2 years btw. 

I already went to support and those staff can neither manually add the ephemera to my account Nor send it up the food chain. Im not sure why they cannot but it is quite unfortunate and a little upsetting that im  going to miss out on an exclusive ephemera due to twitch drops not working for me and  for some strange reason support staff cannot add it only main staff DE can, hopefully im lucky enough to have one of them read this?

My linked twitch account on Warframe"s side: https://gyazo.com/d71adc54a5b79ca5370cb10aaf3001ce

On twitch"s side: https://gyazo.com/4bbe46292668bae8fd55843de19d686b

I watched for hours from around 2pm until all the amazing reveals

Can DE staff please help me?

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