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Story reset



Hello guys !

I was wondering if it is any possiblity to reset the story on my account but still have all the items and stuff that will unlock as i progress or something. 

The point is that i haven't played Warframe in years and i'd like to experience it from the start as it is right now, not where I left it. Because the game evolved so much in the past years I find it hard to catch up. 

Last time I played was when the changed the UI and added the spaceships as your mini-base, that happend a few years back, Can't remember exactly. 

I'd like to keep my items since I spent some money on cosmetics. 

What do you think, space ninjas ?

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14 minutes ago, Blackout289 said:

i'd like to experience it from the start as it is right now

Either start a new account and just do the most necessary things or you replay all your quests in the codex. The normal missions haven't changed...so the only real change is the progression (= acquisition of new gear, Junctions if you last experienced Warframe before SotR)

How do you want to replay the game if you still have anything left? Current issues most likely revolve around Endo or Credits. Sometimes missing mods. If you don't have these obstacles then just play each node from start to end

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