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[Dojo Decor Bug] Missing effect from Orokin Transcendence Interface decor


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In addition, the orokin ceremonial circle trims now have the same texture has the orokin railing, despite the preview picture being the same solid white as every other orokin item. Every maple tree (Spring, Summer, Fall) now has the winter maples texture too. Irks me whenever I walk into my dojo and I'm also surprised these haven't been fixed yet. Happened right after the Plains of Eidolon revamp. I know they fixed the moving tree texture, so that's a start. There's probably more we both have missed as well.

I apologize for the image dump in advance, but I'm going to be showing the two I mentioned.

For the plate, this is the preview it still gives:

This is what it used to look like:

This is now what it looks like, with a railing nearby as example:

And here -- Look how much redder the trees used to look.

Compared to what it looks like now:unknown.png

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