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Bugged Riven Challange - "Find X Syndicate Medallions"


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I got 2 Rivens with the challenge saying "Find X Syndicate Medallions". One with 12 and another requiring 13. 

So I equipped one on my Ignis Wraith, since they are for rifles and made some Syndicate missions (with the Ignis in use).

However, for neither of those rivens I get any progress towards the challenge when collecting Medallions.

Since I use the German client version I am not completely sure, if just some of the challenge text is missing (which would explain why I don't get progress) of if the riven itself is bugged.

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I also have 2 riven mods for this. One for rifle and one for mele. Tried to equip them both at the same time to see if they would progress at the same time. But after i completed first mission finding a couple of medallions none of the rivens progressed so i tried equipping them separately and after another successfull mission finding a couple of medallions they still didn´t progress.  I´ve heard ppl abandon and restart quests to get the medallions to count when they find a good mission and maybe this buggs the mod? I bought some unveiled riven mods in tradechat yesterday and both theese are bought from someone else. What to do?

Now, 2 days later my last try i tried equipping one of the Riven´s again and suddely the syndicate medallions counted. Don´t really do anything diffrent besides i have it equipped with Dual Zoren axes that i just created. Last time i tried to unveil i had the riven on my maxed Orthos Prime polearm. Whatever bug i had last time it seems gone now.

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The bug is still present. You must pick up medallions with the "rivened" weapon in your hands, and then *sometimes* it works. It's not related to being host or client, not to dying, maybe to switching weapons or using abilities, maybe. The safest way to check again is to never switch weapon and never melee ever.

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