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SQUAD LINK: The return of Trials

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@[DE]Steve and the rest of the Warframe team. I'm sure this idea passed in your heads at some point, but if it didnt, let me put a seed of an idea in it.

One of the biggest issues I had witht the Trails was the connection, each teammate had to had a good connection to the host, otherwise there was a big chance of disconnection happening when the missions changed.

With 4 people in a squad, this is not a big of an issue, we could have 2 teams always connected in Squad Link, maybe both in different positions in Railjacks or Railjack-Ground.

We would need to have a way to comunicatte between those teams, so maybe a new tab for "Platoon" besides the Squad to talk to everyone in both teams, since I know that if both teams shared a mic connection or 1 tab, it would be a mess.

At the begining we could have the squads being chosen and who would be in which mission, those in the ground would be Squad Alpha and those in Railjack would be Squad Omega or something along those lines.

The biggest issue I can see with this is the final battle, I know a lot of people will want to tackle the Boss, so, instead of a Boss we make something like you did with Ambulas: the objective is not a dude. Its a ship, a factory, anything along those lines.

Or you could make it a dual fight, the Railjack team in your demo had to fight the Kuva Lich, and he had the ship's energy protecting him. Squad Alpha would fight a boss and Squad Omega another. Both of those bosses being linked, like the ship and the Kuva Lich, to damage one, the other must be disabled: like you can only damage Zanuka after depleting Alad V's shields.

But you could make it so: Omega Boss (lets imagine its a robot or a ship) gets a generator destroyed. Alpha Boss is now vulnerable for time. Omega Boss will activade another generator shortly. Rise and repeat.

For an easier exemple: you can make the "Battle of Endor" you showed and make it into a larger scale: the ground team (Omega) fights waves of enemies with the mini-bosses to disrupt the ship's shields. Once they are down, Railjack team (Alpha) can damage the ship, but it has more support from the ground. Omega team has to move to that new location and repeat the process. With difficulty increasing for both teams as the enemy grows more desperate.

Rewards are the same for both teams.

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