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Titania in Sanctuary: no flying/stuck in place


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I have recently found that in about half the sanctuary tiles, if you activate Titania's 4, she won't be able to fly, rather, she will be stuck in place on invisible hit-boxes, although sometimes able to move up or down; I've tried repeating the onslaught, but this problem remained.

Also, while a lesser problem, it appears that using razor-wing now puts pets into arc-wing mode, so despite perhaps the most useful soul buff being full-moon, when Titiania's flying, pets will be reduced to statues.

Also, (much less importantly) when exiting razor-wing, the Zenistar disk will always be shown as stowed, even when it is deployed.

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I was just looking for this to see if I was the only one getting stuck. I noticed this while leveling her up in Onslaught after forma since I use her 4 the most. You can still use melee to move along targets if they're in your range, but otherwise you're stuck.

As for the pet archwing thing - wasn't that always the case? I mean... I'm fairly new and I had her for like two weeks so I don't know. But it would be great if your pet could stay active while you mow down enemies in razorwing mode :).

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