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Is this where Captura albums go?


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So I guess this is the place to post my captura creations? If there's a better place, please let me know.

I've been doing Captura stuff for a bit, and here are the pictures I'm willing to share. Clicky for full-res versions.


JMFnaDSm.jpg 3RpW1mZm.jpg B0HLyjrm.jpg fcmEg5om.jpg 2Si9zb8m.jpg YaCIU90m.jpg 22mWkl0m.jpg 2pfUIkQm.jpg JVnD407m.jpg
Jijcn9km.jpg BGVkO1Zm.jpg xOo4hqcm.jpg
cCp86Wvm.jpg G48Ip87m.jpg gRdL4yim.jpg
fw7gleMm.jpg LhzfOXxm.jpg jFUrEFSm.jpg
S4PMVlJm.jpg f1SbHoxm.jpg?1 K6rQ1dvm.jpg?1
iCQey8Em.jpg Jnt6Sglm.jpg UtVz9AVm.jpg
q8TskP3m.jpg Gj3aZBjm.jpg

If you liked them, and would be willing to help them reach a bigger audience, please consider visiting the Imgur album, and giving it a vote.


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