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[PC] Player Looking for Closely Knit Clan


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Name: Nullyrian (or Null)
MR: 19
VC: Discord

Main Role: Support
 - Trinity
 - Wisp
 - Oberon
 - Speedva/Slowva

Secondary Role: Damage/Nuke
 - Equinox
 - Saryn

Goal: Short Term?  Finish the Thermal Fractures event. Long Term? Just find a decent group of people who are awesome to play with.
Details: I enjoy helping other people achieve their goals, and like bringing a positive attitude to the mix.  I'm not the most knowledgable, but I do make up for it with creativity.  Examples being a Loki Proton Lenz build, and a Tank Equinox build (though that one's still a work in progress, haha).

Anywho, pm me if interested, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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