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Cosmetic Auras


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Yup ephemeras are what you are looking for except they can come off your body or feet, the feet ones are meh. But not many great body ones bleeding is well ugly lol, smoke looks good but I dont own it just from wiki preview, fae path is kinda nice, lotus one is good as its noticable more. Id pick smoke out of all this as only smoke is like an aura that comes of the body showing power flowing as they pass. As for step ephemeras I like eidolon one its kidna like nezha firewalker and fire flame step is so rare that I dont care about it, seeding step is amzaing I love it but I cant be bothered to farm it. trying to get those pehemeras with 1% drop on rotation C is not healthy at all. For full list here it is https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Ephemera

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