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FashionFrame keeps resetting


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Took a pretty substantial hiatus from Warframe after farming the first wave of Fortuna content, and needless to say, my aesthetic preferences have changed since then. So after spending a couple of hours buying new skins and dressing up my frames, I closed the customization menu to jump into all the new content. But lo and behold, every change I had made reset to what I had prior to the customization session. This happened twice. I've looked around the forums for any possible fixes/reasons and haven't come across any answers. The only thing I learned was that this bug has somehow been around since as early as January 2018 and it hasn't been fixed with absolutely no responses from devs. I'm so tilted from the amount of wasted time that it killed all motivation to get back into the game. As if to add insult to injury, this happened to my keybinding/display/audio preferences too. Anybody know any actual fixes beyond the usual firewall/turn-on-and-off-again methods? Or if DE has ever explicitly acknowledged the issue?

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