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Exploiter orb in Fortuna


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I was fighting the exploiter orb from deck 12 with my squad. We got to phase two on the surface of the orb vallas then we realised we where severely underprepaired for this fight so we decide to go back to Fortuna. We entered the elevator, the squad dispanded and I went to smokefinger to sell some gems. When I went back to Eudico I noticed the exploiter was halfway inside the elevator and was still moving. I then noticed the overheating meter on the side was still there and increasing. The exploiter did overheat and when I approached it it played the cutscene and some of Zudd's dialogue. After the exploiter was fully inside Fortuna and started making noises. I could stand on it, it's legs where solid, it showed the health bar for the turret. It never fired at me nor did it move.

If the devs are more interested in visuals I can e-mail them the photos I took of the event. This is my first report so I don't know how to include pictures in the post itself yet.


EDIT: It shot at me for a second when I used my operator form then when I re-entered my warframe it stoped. I entered operator again, it didn't fire, but the turret still was locked on to me BUT only as the operator.

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