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Kronen Prime range is so low at base that it's unplayable

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you will litteraly miss 70% of a combo's attacks because the enemy backpedled (or you pushed it away) 1 pixel and he's now out of range while still connecting physically with the weapon itself, it's so absurd for a weapon that is nowhere toptier to be treated like that, while other choices enjoy full blown overpowered damage and humongous cleave,
note: for those saying "range mods fix this!" No. Range mods should be a choice,not a necessity.

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here's an image (as close as i can get with my bad reflexes) of what i meant when i said it physically connects yet the range is so bad it doesn't hit, the blade passed through the enemy-a level 1 butcher  that would instantly die from the damage- and did nothing....if this isn't considered a bug and it's intentional then i don't know what a bug is anymore


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