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Support Requests taking an inordinate amount of time for reply


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As the title states, is there something going on with requests? I put one in 6 days ago that still has not gotten a response about an issue that is preventing me from playing at all. Anyone else running into support queue requests taking this long?

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Tennocon was last Saturday and I imagine Support is currently flooded with tickets about missing Twitch/Mixer/Steam drops. They tackle tickets in chronological order, so Support will have to fight their way through all of those tickets before they can get to yours. A wait time of a week is not unheard of even during "normal" periods, so I wouldn't be terribly surprised if it's going to take them a bit longer to get to you.

Probably not what you wanted to hear, but all you can do is be patient. 😞

I do hope they can get your issue resolved though. Not being able to get in the game at all sucks.

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