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Garuda's third skill (bloodletting)

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Sorry if my english is not that good (it's not my native language)... so garuda's third skill (bloodletting) in a 100% efficiency build uses 50% of your max health to heal your energy pool by 25%,this skill the health and energy amounts scale with efficiency mods like "streamline" for example,in a build with only "streamline" (130% efficiency) the amount of health cost in the ability panel is 35% of your max health and the energy restored is 35% too... so the problem is that when using this skill (blooletting) in game the amount of health drained is aways 50% independent on how much your efficiency percentage is even in extreme cases like a 175% efficiency build with "streamline" and "fleeting expertise" with this build the health cost goes to 12.5% and the energy restored goes to 100% there's no problem with the energy restored at all with this build you will aways get 100% of your energy back but the health cost will still be 50% reducing your health pool to 2 when the skill is casted twice


Obs:again i'm not american i'm actually brazilian so there's probably a lot of english errors there

Obs 2:i read in the wiki that the amount of health drained is aways 50% but why in game the amount showed in the ability panel is less than 50% if you have more than 100% efficiency?

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