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Datamass Missing After Host Migration (Ares, Mars)


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The title pretty much sums up the base of this bug report, but here I'll explain some further details.

Some friends and I went into this mission during The Strange New to gather the Arid Lancer synthesis targets. After we entered the mission, one of the friends (who happened to be the host) needed the synthesis targets forgot to equip his synthesis scanner. So he left to get his scanners, planning to come back to the lobby after he equipped them. Hence what started the host migration. During the migration, I was split from the other 2 people who were in the lobby into my own session, and the other players never reconnected at all. They were simply kicked from the mission entirely. One of those players had the datamass in hand during the host migration, presumably causing it to completely disappear when he never returned to the mission. The datamass was no longer showing on the map. I checked the place that my friend was holding the datamass at the beginning of the host migration, as well as the datamass spawnpoint and basically the entire map to see if the datamass was failsafed somewhere else to no avail. It simply was missing from existence. Needing the datamass to progress the objective, I was unable to complete the mission and forced to abort. Not a terrible loss for me, but certainly annoying and not to mention an extra aborted mission on my player record. I hope to hear that perhaps the cause of the datamass disappearance can be confirmed and a failsafe to be implemented at some point. Thanks 🙂

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