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Titania in ESO


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Titania  4 stops allowing you to fly around when in the first ESO tile set.

My alliance mate got this bug when they went through the portal to start ESO with Titania.

I got curious and tried. You can move certain directions sometimes, but most of the time it freezes you in place. You are forced to melee to move in your four as long as a enemy is near. This happened on the first tile set only as far as I can see.

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Took pics but i can't upload them
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Same here, both ESO and regular SO. Does not happen before you enter the first portal.

Activating her Razorwing locks you in place. Move animation still plays as normal, just no movement. There are intermittent periods where one direction works, ie. pressing backwards moves you backward, but pressing forwards only produce the moving forward animation without movement..

Have not tested at other than the first tile.

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