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[Suggestomancy] Frame & Weapon Acquisition - Parts Are Chained Unfortunately.


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Oh hai! ~a lolcat with a few more grey hairs and hanging whiskers waves at you.~


I would like to address a minor inconvenience that can go a long way when addressed. Currently, we are getting new content in the voids in a chain that causes a little issue. We have all heard or experienced ourselves how frustrating it can be to hunt for that last part of a frame or a weapon, with all others ready to go and the Main BP practically sold. The reason for that is that currently, parts do not drop in chains that are condusive to production, but rather random.


Arbitrary example:


Mag Prime.

Tier 1 - Main BP (common), Helmet (uncommon), Chassis (rare)

Tier 2 - Helmet (common), Chassis (uncommon), Systems (rare)

Tier 3 - Chassis (common), Systems (uncommon)


Due to the way the drops are tiered, we are getting the Main BP first, the Systems last. As a result, most people have the Main BP and the Orokin Cells, and both Helmet and Chassis ready to go for when the Systems drop.


Yet, when they do, they will have to build the Systems, wait 12 hours, and then build the actual thing. As a result, the "instant satisfaction" of getting the last part necessary is delayed. Here is my suggestion, applied to any and all things dropped in the Void: Put the Main BP last.


Mag Prime.

Tier 1 - Helmet (common), Chassis (uncommon), Systems (rare)

Tier 2 - Chassis (common), Systems (uncommon), Main BP (rare)

Tier 3 - Systems (common), Main BP (uncommon)


This can be applied to all items, including weapons. If the Main BP is the last drop, as soon as we get it, we can hit that "Build" button and cherish the feeling of accomplishment without another delay. This suggestion does not change the drop chances, does not change the likelihoods, it just streamlines the acquisition and production process. A Main BP at Tier 1 is "dead" until you have acquired the last part anyway.


/discuss, support, disagree

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Allow me to elaborate: This is not because of "12h doesn't matter". Quality of life and ease of use are factors in design just the same as more glaring points. I cannot see a reason why the system is the way it is right now, unless the information that you need x more parts to finish the project is conveyed via the Main BP. If that is the case, it strikes me as a rather ... clunky implementation. Currently, if you don't find a drop, you wouldn't even know about the existence of items. The completely different topic of an ingame database of gear and drop locations has already been brushed on in the Live Stream, though.


Why not optimize the process of acquistion? Not every change needs to be a major one to make sense.

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First of all, what happened to ced23ric!!!!???? Your pic is missing something( don't have to mention it ) secondly While i agree with the concept, i would like to point out that frost prime is currently set that way and good god is he hard to farm >.> maybe have it be for the primes once you collect all the pieces you are granted the bp for it? they'd have to rescale the drop rates and stuff but it'd stop having to farm 30 million t3s to not get a single frost prime bp >.>

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