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Nightwave Emissary Thoughts and Feedback


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Thoughts and Feedback:

Though the Gilding and Forma challenges may provide new players with a reason to use and learn the opportunities of the uses of Forma and Gilding however a few things should be accounted for:
Very new players may not have access to gilding yet, as it is only possible when you reach the third rank for either the Ostrons, Solaris United, Quills, or Vox Solaris, the latter two are very difficult for a new player to achieve standing in, and Solaris United enemies can prove problematic due to their difficulty and unique abilities that can easily stun lock or knock out a new players shield instantly, something they will need at that early stage due to the cost of leveling up Vitality to it's maximum rank. As such it's also a little difficult for new players to acquire Forma. As such. However this is not only about new players, as older players have shown time and time again for their distaste in using Forma on things they do not want to use it on or Gilding items simply for a challenge, and with the new changes in how much standing is rewarded per challenge the players who do not accomplish these challenges take a hit to their total amount standing they can lose. Before losing precious ranks. (Calculations show that players can lose about 130,500 standing for a 10 week period before beginning to lose ranks.) I'd suggest the removal of the gilding and maybe replace it with the creation of a modular item (Zaw/MOA/Kitgun/K-Drive/Amp.)

UPDATE: Forma can remain as three as I have given more thought into this a challenge should be a challenge, if there are some that cannot complete it, then it must be so, a challenge shouldn't be weakend to increase the convience, however my thoughts remain on gilding, with one more alternate solution. Make it so Mote Amps can't count toward the gild, the the Mote Amp is what makes the Gilding Challenge not a challenge, but a tedium to those who are strong enough to do Teralyst hunts to reach Adherent, yes you can just do Public games but there are players who do not like to do all the work in hunting down a Teralyst. Removing the Mote Amp as a candidate for the gilding challenge makes it equally difficult for new players and old players to accomplish. Where as new players who haven't reached Adherent can't just spend little resources for a Mote Amp and name it: "Gilding Challenge Gae" and old players must till gather the resources for a modular item and spend the item required to build all the pieces.

I do like the change of pace with the introduction of Devotees, I'm glad to not be harassed by the Saturn Six Fugitives and their powerful Molotov Cocktails, the Devotees aren't overpowered and provide a free revive for solo players which can lift any players spirits when they can survive just a little more longer without expending a revive.

Though I have seen people give various complaints about the rewards such as there being less Kuva this time around, Robotic slots, weapon mods they believe are usless etc. I don't think there is much you can do that absolutely have every player approve the rewards, so what you do regarding rewards is up to you, the same goes with the items in the cred store.

That is all thank you for reading through all this, hope it helps!


TL;DR: Alot of players don't like Gilding and Forma challenges, lessen Forma requirement to 1, change Gilding to just crafting a modular item, can either be 'Craft a Modular Item' or 'Craft a (Amp, K-Drive, Zaw, Kitgun, MOA)'

Devotees cool

Not much can be done about people disliking rewards.

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Added a TLDR, some people have lives to get to.
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25 minutes ago, Kaldwing0718 said:

Before losing precious ranks. (Calculations show that players can lose about 130,500 standing for a 10 week period before beginning to lose ranks.)

According to your data... If DE put the Forma and Gilding challenge every single week (which is not going to happen, but let's catastrophize), you could skip them both every single week, for 4500 missed reputation each, and burn only 90k of those 130k reputation points you can skip.

So, even in an absolutely demented scenario where DE wants you to use 3 Formas and gild one item per week, you could very easily skip them and not miss out on a single thing.


When I look at the data, it just boggles my mind that people would be really so upset by this challenge. DE made it so that you can skip this challenge without even having to worry.

Seriously, each of these threads about forma and gilding should be titled "I could not worry and skip, but I decide to be upset and call for removal".

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'But muh prestige Emmissary Creds'

Honestly I don't want them removed outright, in fact I think it would be detrimental to remove two challenges without filling the gap. My only problem with these challenges is that I want to get the rewards faster. (I'm a teenager, impatience is in my bloodstream) But because of my impatience I do the challenges, which I later regret when I go to craft something in my dojo or a research weapon and it says 0/1 Forma. (Triggered) which in all honesty is my own fault.

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55 minutes ago, Kaldwing0718 said:

change Gilding to just crafting a modular item, can either be 'Craft a Modular Item' or 'Craft a (Amp, K-Drive, Zaw, Kitgun, MOA)'

or read official announcements where they stated gilding is being removed while Season 2 is running

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