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Keys And Hosting


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I'll admit I live in a spot where the best internet I can get is still amazingly bad.


The problem being is that I have a ton of Derilect and Tower Keys that I basically can't use because when I host a party I host the game which means everyone lags extremely. This game needs a system where it either A) Auto chooses the best host for the game. ie host mitagate the second the game loads or B) allow us to host a party but then also choose who hosts the game aswell once we are all ready. Maybe a vote system or something.


I find it rather annoying that I want to do these with my friends and I can't because I'll be the one hosting the game on my crap net :(.

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What we need is to simply have any group of players simply host off the best connection available at the time of mission start, ie. when the mission loads. No matter how many people are there when the mission starts it selects the best connection as host and keeps that host until that player leaves or the mission ends.  Idealy we could pick a host but if you can randomly determine the host in a pub match you should be able determine the best and pick that one.  Leave the key missions invite only but the premise for hosting is the same


All missions would work for this:


public matches

Private/invite only groups

"Key matches" (Void, Derelict, 


It would basically work like this:

1. Group of players assembled (either by invite or pubs filling a match)

2. Mission starts to load (either by pub match being full, everyone being ready to go in a group, or hitting start mission in a key mission)

3. System does a quick check on ping/latency/packet drop rate and selects the "best" candidate to host

4. Game loads as normal with the host being the connection selected in step 3

5. better consistency in hosts for everyone.


Obvious benefits are being able to play without worrying about a poor connection chocking or lagging a mission, but beyond that this system allows for anyone to use their void/derelict/'special' keys without needing to host to do so.

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I'm forced to PUG groups because my 2 friends who live 100 yards up the street from me, in the same apartment complex, using the same internet provider, have excessive lag when we host and play together.

I'm in Ohio and can literally pug with someone in New York better than I can group with my own friends in my own neighborhood on my own street.  Warframe is the only game that exhibits this issue as we've gamed together for literally years.


Warframe's solution to hosts/lag/latency/connections are about as refined as a pig in a dress

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Though I do agree with what Agent_Of_Change said just make it auto pick best host somehow all the time


It should still be votable. Imagine you are playing with friends and and the person who is calculated to give everyone the best ping is chosen as host. However, he is poor. That's why he is playing a free game and trying to run it on a 6 year old toaster at 30 fps when there's just the 4 of you on screen. You aren't going to want him as host when the screen fills up with enemies and has effects flying out the bunghole.


Just a simplein chat: /callvotehost "playername"

                                 Vote has been called F1= yes F2=No

                                 3/4 votes or 2/3 votes or 2/2 votes.

                                 Transferring host.


lol also useful if your housemate starts downloading porn halfway through a mission.

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Lol who downloads pron anymore?


But in all seriousness you do bring up a good point MofineBovine. People with lower end computers even if they have an amazing connection shouldn't be hosting either but I think that should be taken into account during an automatic process too. Have warframe check the system config at start up and assign a host score to the machine based of it's specs at how well it could handle hosting duties on a purely hardware level not a network level though that could be chosen at the mission start.

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