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"toggle prime details"


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Dear DE and Players,
It's been that day when I discovered the issue with "TOGGLE PRIME DETAILS" options mostly on tennogen skins I'm currently using.
(but it's about everyone I guess).
Usually, spend some time and money to make my frame look great, like most of the people do, I believe. It's also the reason why I created this forum topic because I'm curious if it's the only problem on my side or if someone else struggles with the same issue.
For me personally, it's kind of an unpleasant, but let's describe the problem I want to speak about.

So the main issue is that when you are the owner of any prime frame and the way you want to customize your frame is to buy a tennogen skin and replace certain details of the skin with prime details option (Toggle prime details). that's when the problem occurs, but you might not realize it if no one says it to you.
(Under the article, I will give examples in the form of screenshots)
Example: you bought tennogen skin for Mirage Prime ( Mithra or whatever) and turn on prime detail option, which replaces some textures of skins as I mentioned before, but you are the only one who will really see this change in-game. Rest of the WF players your friends etc will see skin how it looks, without prime details, no matter when you turned on it. 
We have a small community around a streamer on twitch who organizes the fashion competition every 14 days, which is nice and I always like to participate, but it's annoying to see my frame different oh his stream, just because he sees skin, but the game won't show him prime details, you turned on previously on Arsenal.

So I would like to know if it's my mistake or if it's how the game works?
I would also appreciate it if everyone sees the frame, exactly how you customize him.
I apologize for my English, but I hope it's a little understandable.




1 - On the first screenshot you might see mirage prime in my arsenal with bought tennogen skin. it's how i see my frame from my point of wiew. 

( Enabled prime details, but seem others are not able to see this change in-game, sadly)

2- The second screenshot is made during the Fashion competition on Twitch and showing how other players see my frame in-game = It's how she is not suppose to looks like.

Showed only Mirage but it's not only mirage almost every prime frame. 


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