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After host migration, Index: Endurance mission broke.


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I was playing Index: Endurance to attempt the nightware achievement.

There was a host migration for unclear reasons.

Before the host migration, I had 72 seconds in the countdown.

It took around a minute to complete the host migration process (even though I am on SSD)

After host migration, I was alone, and the play had less than 10 seconds left to bank in points. I could not reach the goal in time. 

My Warframe became invulnerable, but the play never ended. I had to ALT+F4 the game. 

BUG #1: Inconsistent state after host migration, can't finish the mission.

BUG #2: Host migration does not pause the counter when it begins.

Also, because host migration wipes off ability effects, like Iron Skin, it would be good if it gave the player a little something, even if it is as little as +10 seconds of play time.

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