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Forced to continue mission, Host-Migration during continue/extract


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I was in a 4-player Interception Arbitration, everyone extracted, but it didn't register when I clicked last, well before timer expired. 
It lingered on selection screen as I spammed extract to no avail, I assume loading the host-migration, which I figure triggered based on bugged criteria, after which it threw me into the new round due to a different bit of messed up code in it's own right.

I had a daily credit booster, first-day bonus and really wanted those credits without doing Index, wouldn't have done it otherwise. I controlled it pretty well with decently suited gear, but since I didn't bring a full cheese setup... When the spawn rng let's them simply take a tower in the time it takes you to do so, and 3 towers isn't enough, I lost. The time investment of an arbitration makes this particularly frustrating.
Could've been literally any other type of endless and it'd be fine smh, I'd love more forgiving solo timers, 2-man team is infinitely better and let's you bring just about any gear with full control, consistently. Solo Interception could be really fun!

I've seen myself and 2 other people leave on our own with the 4th player still in the neutral before, I assumed my side of the connection just hadn't caught up with their decision to continue, but this might be a thing.

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Starting to wonder if a lot of these reports fall on deaf ears, I don't mean I expect DE doesn't care, or whatever, just that some sort of indication that it has been reviewed would be a good addition to the forums. 

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