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Thermia Fracture Game Breaking Octavia Bug


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So after some trials and tribualtions with friends the other day, where one minute we were doign fractures just fine and the next suddenly they seemed to implode themselves at a random point in time.

After a few more we figured out the issue: Octavia! She can instantly destroy the canister and fail the fissure for the whole team at nearly any given point and I think this to be because of her #1 ability interacting with radiation burps in an unintended way which means that if it is placed on/near the objective while this active or is already on the objective when the rad damage burst happens it makes the canister damage itself exponentially and it dies stupidly fast.


Essentially reproduction steps are this:

  1. Have a thermia fracture do a rad damage burp
  2. Throw Octavia's 1st ability on top of it
  3. The canisters health will begin to rapidly decrease
  4. If the ability is not moved elsewhere or cancelled by another factor the canister dies and the fracture fails almost instantly.

Not only is this bug a big problem for people trying to play legitamately but it can also be used in public games to troll/grief other players and therefore I believe it needs some immediate attention especially with a good amount of content locked behind this recurring event.

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