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Skill Pool And Stamina Costs.


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Warframe skills seem lacking. Don't take me wrong here The skills are good but generally you select 2 skills and go out and kill, tank or CC. Every class has a single target and aoe skill. what about making other skills (say 8 in total) that have to be acquired through missions, alerts (for master skill) and killing mobs. It would add tree's which would add more diverse builds and more options in group play. Instead of this is what you do with this frame it would be these are the choices of what you can do with said frame.

Now this is where I go off in a tangent on stamina. Maybe making stamina drain for different actions say normal drain for running faster drain for wall running. a Really slow drain if blocking. Maybe some aura cards for stamina regen or cost reduction.

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I think if you look on youtube, you can find some old videos of warframe where they didn't have the mod system that they have today and they had trees that you spec into( was more of a line in-line with what Destiny by Bungie plans on doing with weapons and leveling)


I'm more for they should have all your skills equipped and remove the 4 slots for them.  or leave 2 atleast for build diversity because most don't use all 4 slots

In addition to this, we should have a tree for each ability

this could add certain things like this



Lvl 1 increase damage

Lvl 2 increase amount thrown by 1

lvl 3 increase damage

LvL 4 increase damage/range

LvL 5    __/  Remove second Throwing star and allow for a charge and increase in damage to pierce armor and stick enemies to walls.(variant)

          or    \  Allow throwing stars to trend more to crit points( basically how it is now)     

Smoke bomb

lvl 1 increase duration

lvl 2 add knockback

lvl 3 increase duration

lvl 4 add melee damage boost

lvl 5     /Increase radius of smoke bomb and allow allies to take cover in the smoke.  enemies caught within the smoke are staggered, and  

  ____/ blind(reduced accuracy to 90% miss)

          \ Increase duration of smoke bomb and melee damage(same as is now)


Lvl 1- increase range

Lvl 2 reduce casting time

Lvl 3 increase range

lvl 4 add stealth to teleport

   Lvl 5__/Teleport to target location within x range.  When exiting teleport you temporarily gain stealth for 1 second

               \Teleport now gains a melee strike on target enemy.  Does x damage.  enemies that are not killed will be



LvL 1- Increase targets by X

LvL 2- increase radius of attack and damage

LvL 3- Increase Targets by X


LvL 4  ___/ Blade storm does massive damage to X targets within the tile set. Blade storm will reengage until X targets have been attacked

                \ Blade storm does lower damage but gains a slight twist damaging all enemies within Y range of Target.  Will reengage until X targets

                  have been attacked


Obviously that's just the idea not what they should be.  I think it'd add a little bit to each move to make them more diverse without having to add a secondary set of skills( i'm fairly certain i heard that there are season 2 skills).  The idea then is are you willing to have this move have more utility or more damage.  and that could go a long way to changing builds.

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