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Tutorial. Improving It....


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So.. I posted a topic just like this a LONG time ago.

Like when U9 came out...

Today I was just browsing the forums, when I stumbled upon something about a tutorial... and I remembered my post a long time ago....


Let me begin. Once upon a time.. A LONG LONG time ago. There was beautiful princess called Excalibur Nyx...

He She wanted to rule the worl--- wrong story...





The new tutorial starts off just like the E3 Cinematic that looked badass except with a few tweaks to make it a tutorial...


So, Im doing the tutorial and all, and its all cool and dandy lol, but what got me was the lotus said that Vor is coming, but yet your wasting time in the tutorial chamber place learning how to do stuff and play.


So a way I thought off that would fix it to make it fit the get away theme was... well actually, you guys (DE obviously and the people that tried the new tutorial system.) You know how theres like 57438957340 grinnear outside and yet your fighting inside the room a bunch of holograms?

So maybe make it like this... (FROM THE BEGINNING lol)


You fall from the pod thing and you get up. The lotus says, all the normal stuff and tells you the most important thing. Look at the minimap and get to extraction! (Or whatever she says). So your running to extraction and you pass the 2 grinnear guards in the beginning after the tutorial  instructions on how to play finishes (in the real tutorial). They start shooting you, and you loose health and the lotus says that and says here let me put your shields back online (or something), and the guards still keep shooting you and then you loose shield and the lotus says, notice how your shield is recharging but not your health. (Also just a way so the player wont die, make it so that everytime your shields go down, the grinnear stop shooting to reload)and you cant kill them cause you dont have any weapons, so the lotus tells you to keep running. You pass them, and you go into a room and then collect your standard weapons. After you collect your weapons, the 2 grinnear run in, and the lotus tells you to kill them with your secondary which would be equipped at the moment and you cant press f to swap. Then after they're dead, the lotus tells you to  swap weapons and head out of the room (or whatever), then your confronted with more grinnear and the lotus tells you to kill them with your primary again not being able to use sword or pistol. Once they're killed, some grinnear fall from the top or something (take you by surprise) and the lotus tells you to use your melee. You kill them and then the lotus tells you to keep moving, and kill all the grinnear that come in your way (with any weapon).

Then at the end part, you meet Vor (This parts weird, I'll talk about that later), and the normal end for the tutorial happens.




Hope you guys liked it...




This suggestion would also make the beginning tutorial really intense if you guys (DE) pull it off really good!


So now a bug that I encountered...

So at the very end in the tutorial when your heading to extract, it randomly gets you to a cut-scene with vor using his oriken key laser pew pew beam thing at you. (Without any real introduction TO Vor)


So not sure if I accidentally skipped a cinematic or what, but it would be good if you guys had a cutscene introducing Vor finding you...




The End.

Thanks for reading!



Oh right, it would also be cool if you can add some parkour tutorial element in...


Also I understand that this won't be top priority after everything thats happened, but take your time...

I just want to see something like this being implemented...

EDIT #69 Btw. If something doesn't make sense... I just copyed most of it from my old post....

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Please paragraph your tutorial suggestion a bit, it's hard to read.


On topic: What we need imho si part of the tutorial that would explain advanced movement controls, especially wall running. There are places in missions very early into the game that require to wall run and I've actually seen some newbies completely baffled as to what they should do. This mostly applies to Venus and its corpus base which has tiles like this.

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