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Vauban Rework Ideas and/or Suggestions


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So I've been checking out the forums recently since Vauban is going to be looked at for a rework. Now some of the suggestions I've seen is to make him an engineer similar to engineers from other games like TF2 or at the very least engineer like. At first, I liked  the idea. But after some thinking and some more post viewing, I've changed my mind. I don't think that it is an inherently wrong avenue to take a look at, but given some of the tools that are already in the game and how Warframe functions and plays, a lot of abilities might be redundant or not real feasible. Plus, the way Vauban plays and how he deploys has abilities is unique and fun. However, if some one is able to take aspects from engineers in other games and make it work in Warframe, I'm not entirely against it. With that said, I figured I'd add my two cents into the discussion regarding Vauban's rework. Here's a list of my ideas.




1st Ability – Tesla


-          Make it an exalted weapon with access to pistol mods including Ruinous Extension.


-          Increase the base damage to 250.


-          Keep ability to charge the Tesla.


-          Give the it the ability to target 3 enemies and attack every 3 seconds.


-          Increase status chance to 30%.



Ability Augment Mod – Tesla Link


-          Linked Tesla mine have their damage increased by 100 for each Tesla. So if two are linked then their damage is increased by 100. If three are linked then their damaged is increased by 200, and so on and so on. The max that can be linked is 5.



2nd Ability – Minelayer


-          New name Arsenal.




-          New name Chamber.


-          Deployable mine.


-          Has 5 charges, each charge lasts 10 seconds, and after the charge finishes, it takes 5 seconds before it can be triggered again.


-          Deploys a mine that has an activation range of 4m. When triggered the mine creates a cylinder that has a 7m radius floor, has wall that is 10m high, and has a 7m radius roof. 


-          Any enemy trapped in the cylinder is put into an anti-grav state similar to the effect of Anti-Grav Grenade mod that your Moa can obtained. Enemies outside of the cylinder can’t enter the cylinder once it has been triggered but can shoot through the cylinder.


-          Enemies trapped in the cylinder trigger Vauban’s passive.


-          If the enemy(s) in the cylinder hit the wall, floor, or ceiling, they take 300 impact damage.


-          When the charge ends, the enemy(s) drop to the floor.



Trip Laser


-          Keep current duration.


-          Causes 250 slash damage each time it trips an enemy.


-          50% chance to cause bleed.





-          Keep most stats the same.


-          Increase base debuff duration to 7 seconds.


-          Triggered upon contact with sold objects such as enemies, walls, floors, etc.





-          Increase base deaf duration to 10 seconds.


-          Triggered upon contact with solid objects such as enemies, walls, floors, etc.



3rd Ability – Insert Name Here

Couldn't think of a name, suggestions are welcomed.




-         Keep current stats


-          An enemy trapped in Bastille takes damage equaling 5% of its health. This could be pure health, health and shield, health and armor, etc.


-          Enemy projectiles, that would do damage, that pass through Bastille, 50% percent of that damage is reflected back at the enemy.



Ability Augment Mod – Repelling Bastille


-          Reduce the time from 4 seconds to 2 seconds.




-          Keep duration stat.


-          Increase radius to 7m.


-          Does 5% damage, (to all enemies trapped in vortex), of the total health of all enemies trapped in vortex. This could be pure health, health and shields, health and armor, etc. This damage is in the form of magnetic and radiation damage.


-          Has a 10% status chance.



4th Ability – Upgrade


-          Has a 7 second duration.


-          Effects only Vauban.


-          Abilities that can cause damage has that damage doubled. This effect lasts the length of that ability.


-          Vauban gets an increase to the amount of energy obtained from energy orbs and other energy sources. For example, instead of 25 energy from energy orbs he gets 50 energy.


-          Vauban’s shields are “Reinforced”, essentially giving the shields armor. This reduces how much shield is lost from damage. This buff lasts 20 seconds.


-          Ability cast time is reduced by half. This makes the mine travel time shorter and the charging of Tesla shorter.



Ability Augment Mod – Upload


-          For an extra 50 energy, this buff is shared to your teammates




       Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas feel free to post them here.

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