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Additions to Octavia


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Hi, I've been playing Octavia for quite a while now and hopefully you have to, I just wanted to share some of my ideas on improvements for Octavia as well as Augments. You can always contribute your idea on these and your own in the comments.


Firstly I would like state Octavia's weaknesses, them being:

The fact all her abilities are grounded - (Resonator was supposed to reduce this problem, I'll talk about that later...) Other than Metronome, but even amp encourages you to be within its radius with metronome to buff it. Making mobility within Octavia's kit low. (especially damage wise) 

Ability duration for most abilities are low - This is something you will notice a lot, buffs like invisibility sound amazing, but having to work for it and all the other buffs, as well as having a low 15 seconds duration makes it hard to maintain many buffs.

Using all her abilities at once feels hard because every 5 seconds i'm trying to activate you another ability or buff, making it hard to focus on the actual mission. I mean if you build for a lot of duration (like most people do) it is not a problem, but trying to manage them when having an Octavia built for strength and range (where she really shines) creates this mentality: OK, put mallet, now amp, now metronome, crouch crouch crouch.... OK have the enemies buffed the mallet? now put resonator, oh quick! crouch crouch crouch, oh no mallet is out, get to position again, mallet, now metronome.... amp - and so on.

there were only 2 times when you could focus your full attention on other things. (...) (just as an example)


Now I am not complaining about Octavia's weaknesses, in fact I encourage them for Octavia to remain balanced, except I have found her infamous resonator to be useless because not only does it not synergise, but it does not reduce the one weakness it was meant to. This might sound like it is making Octavia OP, but since using resonator loses the ability for mallet to gain damage, I think its fine, and also the low ability duration hurts.

The one first rework I would give Octavia is in improving the nature of her resonator.

I have designed two different mechanics that the resonator should be doing:


1. The resonator we know now is completely random, it may make the mallet mobile, but it cant charge more damage, it moves unpredictable and most of all instead of making the mallet mobile, it sort of just spontaneously increases its range in random places. (My best way to describe it.) The worst part is its randomness leads to enemies not even able to run in its radius.

My first mechanic is to add a sort of tracking AI to the Resonator. So after it has picked up a Mallet, it will move around randomly as before. But, whenever an enemy gets within lets say, 25 meters of it (affected by power range) The resonator will go to it and follow it (or stay still) until the enemy is dead. Then it will stay still a split second longer before randomly moving on again; unless there is another enemy in range, and so on.

This way, the resonator will GO TO the enemies and become more of a mobile menace.


2. To further increase the resonators mobility through missions like elimination, capture etc. The resonator will follow Octavia.

So how it would mechanically work, is a distance threshold of lets say 50 meters. Whenever the resonator is within 50m, It will do the actions it usually does, but when it is over 50m of Octavia, it will override all actions to get to Octavia until it is within lets say 15 metres of it, before returning to its actions again. This way the resonator is mobile not only in a small scale but in a large map scale as well.


The last thing I want to talk about is Augments - I have an idea for metronome; I tried thinking of a unique mechanic instead of some boring buff which also could be beneficial for allies.

The metronome augment will be called Dance Floor (working progress OK, I don't care about the name yet)

Whenever Octavia casts metronome, an aura field like amp or mallet will be created on the area when it was casted, it will have the same radius and duration (same strength) as metronome. If Octavia refreshes this ability, so will the field.

Whenever an ally enters the aura field radius, they will get metronome to use, it serves the exact same thing as metronome on Octavia, but Octavia can bullet jump out and about while there is still an area for allies to get a buff. Thus making Octavia more mobile while still buffing her allies; a good way to reduce her weakness with a worthy cost (a mod slot)

If it seems to OP or too weak, the strength of the buffs could be multiplied to make the augment balanced, like allies get 2x buff strength or maybe duration (if too weak), or maybe if they leave the radius and lose the buffs (too strong)... You get the point.


Alright thanks for reading, if you have any ideas please don't be afraid to share them.

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I think the only change octy needs is for her resonator to have more attraction to the mallet. I hate seeing it roll off on its own without mallet, its like sending a kid off to school and realizing they forgot their lunch. Octy sad parent days.

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