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Dethcube Not Gaining Affinity/can't Equip Precepts


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Just as the thread title says. I bought a Dethcube earlier today, and it has no precepts equipped (and is unranked so I can't equip any). As a result, it can't gain affinity.


Any solutions, or do I just have to wait until this is fixed?

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i have a similar problem.

my dethcube is lvl28 and stopped gaining xp.

since sometime around update 9 .


if you use an ability with an warframe or another sentinel(works for shade), it gets xp depending on the energycost.

but for dethcube this doesnt work as it it should,

no xp for using normal attack-skill,

a bit xp(like 15 or so) for vaporize <--but this seems to be broken since about update 9.

and the other skills, no xp as far as i know


conclusion: my dethcube is unable to level up


...it would help if the xp gained by sentinel-skills would appear as flying numbers, just as for warframes.

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I don't believe their attack skills ever granted affinity; I've never noticed this before. Their other skills should, and they also can gain affinity from their precept kills, your (weapon) kills and ally kills.


It sounds like your Dethcube is bugged somehow; worth sending Support a message and asking about it.

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