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My warframe launcher won't show up


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My Warframe launcher won't show up after I click play on steam. After I clicked play Warframe on steam the status of the game change on the left corner to running and syncing. Then nothing shows up. It just like nothing happen. I tried to uninstall and reinstall it again. It wasn't help. I tried to run the Warframe launcher as administrator still not working. Nothing shows up. 

What I have done so far

1. Re-installing Warframe = not working launcher still didn't show up.

2. Run the launcher as administrator = launcher still didn't show up.

3. Download warframe.msi and install it. = launcher still didn't show up.

4. Try to verify integrity of game files on steam = Can't click on it because it's grey out.

My PC spec:

OS: Window 10 pro

RAM: 16 GB

CPU: i7-7700k

GPU: msi gaming x 1080ti

Appreciate all your help 


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I am having a very similar problem. Have almost 400h in game, but uninstalled for awhile. Reinstalled and now the launcher simply won't start. Re-installed, tried administrator mode, refreshed my graphics drivers... nothing.

I get about half a second of my computer thinking of installing and then nothing. Not even enough time to look for it in my task manager.

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Just a thought, find the executable for Warframe in its folder. Right click and Properties. Check that nothing weird got set on the Compatibility tab.

Also, you don't want to verify from Steam anyway, that would undo any updates and put you back to an old version. That's good if they disabled that to keep people from messing it up. Once it's fixed, you only want to verify from the WF launcher.

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