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Nullifier random damage spike


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While I was playing the game I noticed that I was being instantly killed numerous times from out of nowhere, I could not tell who or what was killing me instantly. I then proceeded to dig into the logs and analyse the data. It is my hypothesis that the Nullifier enemy is somehow bugged and receives massive spike in damage that far outweighs the damage scaling of the other enemies at the same level.


Entries 12, 13 and 14 all have one thing in common. The Nullifier is at level 86. I believe that entry 12 is the expected damage that a Nullifier at lvl 86 is supposed to do at that level. Entry 13 shows the nullifier doing over 3000 damage (after armor calculation) to the sentinel and subsequently killing it. Entry 14 shows that the Nullifier is doing over 2,600 damage (after armor calculation) to the warframe and killing it. The difference in damage done by the Nullifier in Entry 12 and 14 is enormous. Thus leads me to believe that this unit experiences random damage spikes. And consequently instantly killing the player.


I hypothesize that there is some sort of bug in the game that is boosting the damage of the Nullifier. By observing other datapoints in the log that show that as enemy level increases its damage output does not scale as fast nor as high as the level does. Entries 5 – 7 shows that, as the Bombard’s level increases from level 45 to 62, the damage it does is quite linear and not out of whack. The same can observed from the Corrupted Lancer. At level 67 the Lancer did 254 damage to the Djinn, and at level 91, the Lancer did 141 damage to the warframe. The difference in damage done can be explained by the armor difference between the warframe and the sentinel with the warframe having considerably greater armor than the sentinel. If that is taken into consideration. I can safely assume that the damage done by enemies (after armor calculation) does not scale as fast enemy level. Rather, there should be not random spike in damage, as the armor is doing its job of reducing the damage done by the enemy.


This then leads to the question, why does the Nullifier have the ability to do over 2,600 (after armor calculation) yet its been observed the same enemy at the same level does 749 damage (after armor calculation)? What is causing this MASSIVE spike in damage with regard to this particular enemy?


Other info:

Djinn has armor of 95. The warframe used was Wukong Prime with armor of 275 with Adaptation and Arcane Guardian equipped.


I have a copy of the EE.log backed up.

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