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Some feedback on new intro, railjack and whatsnot


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I think DE is showing new intro and railjack demo early to get some feedback on it. I don't play much, but i really like this game and wish it the best, so i'll just leave it here, okay? I hope this is the right section of the forum for this.

Regarding demo: there isn't much to say, i think they nailed it. It looks like a dream game, it would be nice to see army-on-army-style operations in open space, with a lot of players and different units acting independently in one epic battle. I know there are technical limitations and someone has to host it etc etc, but it looks really good, great job. I hope that team link and other tech developments will somehow help in making cinematic into gameplay. What i have on my mind is the scene from battle for the Moon in Battle Angel Alita, if you know what i mean. New into reminded me of that.

Regarding railjack (i can't spell empiryon) : it looks AMAZING. It also would be great to see some sort of army operations, like fleet operations with ram frigates, main cannons, torpedoes, warframes defending their carriers, limited supplies, supply lines. I like the "connected" idea and hope that it can be elevated to some epic battles. Here is some ideas in case if anyone is short on them:

  • Anti-air fire to destroy approaching warframes
  • Ram boats that can withstand anti-air fire and deliver boarding team to the enemy ship :)
  • Barricades and firing points to slow down boarding team
  • Lock downs to prevent boarding team to go further into the ship
  • Depressurizing/flooding sections of the ship to kill boarding team
  • Explosive decompression to eject boarding team into space
  • Suicide-bomber ships :)

It's kinda obvious that you can do "a mission" in space, what excites me the most is the possibility that everything can be connected, so it's not just running and gunning to the objective, but actual army operation with actual enemy resistance. I understand this is a vague description, what i'm trying to say is that i really dig connected idea and it would be nice to feel that not only tennos are connected, but enemy is also acting like a single organism and tennos are fighting an army rather than doing disconnected missions. You know what i'm saying? Like grineer setting up an ambush in asteroids belt? Like tennos in demo but the other way around?

It kinda saddens me deeply to see that warframe has to run around with fire extinguisher rather than sticking outside to protect the ship from ram boats and torpedoes. I mean, cephalon, bro, just decompress that section. I guess what i'm talking about is more like a carrier-class ship or defense-style mission, idk really, but this is what i got for anyone interested.

I hope this somehow helps. Thank you very much for your hard work and this fantastic game, i really hope all new features will turn out great. Can't wait for the release.

P.S. On a side note, some more feedback if anyone need it: it would be nice to move some important parts of the game out of clan benches. I had hard time with clans, one was a variation of gulag, another asked me to install team speak and check in regularly not to get kicked, i even tried to start my solo clan, then i've finally found a clan that looks nice... Clans are complicated. When archwing launcher is in clan dojo, some players are effectively locked out of playing open world areas because they can't keep up with the rest of the team flying around. I mean i'm not against clans, i'm just speaking from the perspective of a person who wants to start a game they like and play it on their own pace. On the other hand, it also would be nice to increase mutagen samples drop rate, so we don't have to farm 250 thousands of them for 15 years. Thank you for understanding.

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First iteration.

If it's popular and we'll received, it will get further upgrades and more levels of progression and completely.

If not, less Dev time wasted on over extensive mechanics. And it will just linger around like archwing.

And there is a feedback section to the forum.


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1 hour ago, Firetempest said:

And there is a feedback section to the forum.

😑 Sorry, i don't know how i missed that, i looked into "Missions & Levels" (didn't fit), but apparently mixed "General" and "General Discussion". I kindly ask to move this post to feedback section or delete it altogether.

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