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Bounty system for recruitment


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This is a proposal for a means to both encourage player interaction and increase trust in the player-base.

[DE] is resistant to a broker/storefront system because they want player interaction. Therefore more ways for players to interact should be desired. 

So a bounty system, a Tenno can do something in recruitment chat which basically creates a contract and requirements, perhaps even with a price.

Say you want an adaro run to level a frame and thus you promise something like a piece of prime junk for a sleepinox to help with Adaro, with the condition that your war frame hits level 20 in one run. Your bit of prime junk goes into withholding and is only delivered--taking up a trade, when and if it is completed. 

Or speed Jordas Golem runs for 1 plat a go. 

Or for Rad shares everyone having to put in the radient relic in question to join the squad. 

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