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[Solved] Magus repair - not working


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I have only recently got to rank 5 for Vox Solaris and was excited to get a decent operator Arcane.

However I have quickly noticed that my Magus Repair (currently rank 2) does not work neither for myself nor my teammates when in mission.

Is there some hidden condition or interaction I am unaware of? I tested it few times in sorties and missions last night, never managed to get any healing even when standing on top of my frame or ally in void mode.

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Make sure it's still equipped, switching Operator customisation slots actually also changes their arcanes in the equipment tab. Other than that, it should heal by a percentage as long as your frame is in range while in void mode. You'll hear a similar sound effect to Blessing every second while healing.

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12 minutes ago, Navindal said:

I have it equipped and it does nothing - tested also in solo mode and in group as both host and client.

Could you record your attempts, along with your Operator config and everything?

FWIW, it's been working just fine on my end.

... hm, just to make absolutely sure, you're not (maybe also playing in a different language and)
mistaking, say, a Magus Replenish / Revert for Repair, by any chance? 😛

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Hello everyone,

Thanks for all the tips and remarks and snarky questions (yes, I know what the void mode is 😉)

I have figured out what was wrong, I think it was a visual bug on equipment window.

What happened:

I initially equipped rank 0 Magus Repair on my operator. Then I upgraded it to rank 1 and I didn't notice, that on equip window, it was still showing as a rank 0 equipped (no rank marks), then I upgraded it to rank 2, it was still showing rank 0 equipped.

Since I had no rank 0 in my inventory (I used them all for upgrades), I effectively had no Magus Repair equipped.

When I upgraded it to rank 3, I decided to try swapping arcanes between slots - to my surprise when I equipped Magus Repair in different slot, it showed with 3 dots marking it as a rank 3. Since that moment I had no problems with it working in any type of mission.

In future I will try to reproduce this bug and document with pictures/video.

Thanks again for all help.

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