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Volt Rework Thread


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On the Live Stream, DE said they would replaced the J3-Golem with the new Corpus boss. Something makes me think DE WILL REWORK THIS WARFRAME TOO. Rebecca said she would reported to the DE so can we hope ?

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Copy/Paste of what I post in every Volt thread:

Fixing VOLT is a simple process, DE just needs to listen to the right feedback.



● Buff the damage to 300-400-ish, depending on how helpful the upcoming damage/armor rework is.

● Improve the stun, an electrical ability should be a reliable taser in higher level content.



● Perfectly fine as is, there should be a toggle for the field of view change though, as some people get sick from it.

● Also, it's not necessary, but boosting VOLT's base sprint speed to 1.1 or 1.15 would be a welcome change. (You could even further lower his armor as compensation.)



VOLT users have mixed feelings about this.

Some people like shield, while others want it to be replaced with another damaging ability.

If we keep ELECTRIC SHIELD, it should become compatible with Stretch, (if it still isn't), and stun enemies that come in contact with it.
Also, allowing Focus to boost the damage buff would be nice.



● Return the animation to how it was before, sweet & short (relatively).

Currently, the animation is just waaay too long to be effective, it's ridiculous.

OVERLOAD would become more useful & unique if VOLT was only midair for the first few moments of the ability, then free to move while nearby electronics get overloaded with electricity.

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Overload is quite funny to watch when mobs get tougher.  I played the corpus survival as ash with 3 volts.  about 15 minutes in, every single one of them gets downed for using overload.  So yes it can use a speed buff.  or make him invulnerable/defense buffed if they demand that he remain that slow.

Electric shield makes your weaponry hitscan doesnt it? that alone is awesome, plus it gives damage if i remember right?

Shock is a joke just like fireball from ember, so a buff is needed here.

And god yes please remove the animation addition from speed.  I can't tell how many times i've been running and gunning and then my screen gets distorted from speed.  I think just leaving the Tron line behind you is fine enough to show you have it. not zooming out and blurring my screen :(

Good ideas sir

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