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Black Screen Crash Display Driver (AMD)


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Searching all over the internet and in the official forums I did not find a way to fix it, so I started researching all the options I found.

(I'm an AMD user) a possible solution that works for me so far is the following in the list:

1- uninstall Warframe completely, delete configuration folder and base folder within steam.
2- uninstall the AMD driver completely using DDU in safe mode and install the driver version "Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.1 Optional".
3- have all the MV C ++ installed from 2005 to 2017 x86 and x64.
4- in the game launcher disable Multi-Threaded Rendering and Launcher GPU Acceleration.
5- within the game set the graphic options in low and disable all the options that consume performance.
6- configure the screen in window mode.

since DE does not give us a solution to this problem years ago, the only way that this bug does not happen is to sacrifice fps in my case at times the game runs at 30fps and then goes up to normal 60fps +.

my setup:

Ryzen 2700x
8gb ram
rx590 8gb
SSD 250gb
1TB Seagate

I returned to play after 3 months and I was surprised that my PC appeared this bug after upgrading to the latest version. If someone worked by adding other options please post a response I will appreciate it.


The problem came back again, I hope that someone support the importance of post in the forum, this is frustrating, not only happens in systems under AMD but in Intel / Nvidia, the last thing I could use before the error was:

- AMD Driver 18.2.1.
- Clean Win10 install.

the problem persists I hope you get a quick solution, from my part I'll stop playing until these are solved is frustrating and discourages to continue playing and investing my time in the game.

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Really hope DE can do something about it... it's also preventing me from playing the game on PC.

In the mean time though, for all AMD users at least, might also be a good idea to send in Driver feedback to AMD, I did the same thing. For all we know, it might be on their end too.

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I have this now, too. :/

My specs:

CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X
Mobo: Gigabyte X470 AORUS Ultra Gaming
GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

Warframe is on my 2TB HD while my OS, Windows 10, is on my 500GB SSD. I had a temporary fix yesterday with changing my PC's power plan, but it's back again today. I don't understand, this didn't start happening to me 'til yesterday shortly before the update. :/

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On 2019-08-30 at 10:21 AM, notNSANE said:

I can help.

First, Power Limit on OC settings shouldn't ever be set to more than 20-25% unless you have a special need for a game that was just released in 2019, and you need full power. Power Limit at 0% is indeed not enough, but I have it set at 15% and I'm having excellent performance in all my games - RX 480 8 GB.

Second, I recommend increasing your Swap File, the recommendation is 1.5X your RAM. I just resetted my Windows 10 due to stupid MS Store issues, and I forgot I had to increase the pagefile. I was getting black screen errors and out of memory errors all over the place.

I have my Swap File on an HDD because it's a 24 GB file and it's working fine, but it would be best to have it on a SSD.

Nope, sadly doesn't work for me. Tried all that & still getting the problem.

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