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Warframe Planetary Outpost Idea


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One of the problems I have with the game, is the lack of immersion, and reward for progression. Most actual game-play is pre-open beta, pretty basic stuff. Sure we get better weapons for killing more enemies, but all better weapons do are kill enemies faster... thus we get a loop in our reward progression cycle. It's like playing an endless dart game for no reason other than getting better darts.

My half solution?

Planetary Outposts would be small maps, players gain access to after completing all the missions in a certain system. The logic behind this is by clearing out enemies from the system, Tenno are able to gain a foothold in the area. These maps could feature exclusive weapon blueprints, vendors, an area to loiter, and a representation of the system as a whole, maybe even wildlife. Anyway, I though this would be a nice idea.

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2 words explaining why we dont have any thing like that.

We dont have semi-open world areas, we dont have outposts, social hubs and S#&$...

2 words.

2 words that are keeping me awake during night.

2 words that could change hosting nightmare into players heaven...


Dedicated Servers





Ideas like that were posted many times.

Keep trying tho. maybe, some day...

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Will you donate the money to keep them up for us?

i assure You, i am donating.

honestly, very small amounts, usually once every 2 maybe 3 weeks.


I know its not enough for dedicated servers.

I am aware how much dedicated servers for 3kk playerbase could cost monthly.

Thus, i am not asking for them.

I am hoping to see that one day, yet im not pushing this idea trough.


Every time i see thread like this, im just saying.

Not going to happen untill we get dedicated servers.

End of story.

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