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I've been having a lot of problems with extractor's in the past 3-4 weeks.  I have 5 I can deploy and bought the $50 package from some void thingy to get the Distilling Extractor Prime a long time ago.  Here is my problem, and idk if other experience it, but here we go!

I normally extract from systems that I "need" resources from, like Plastids and Gallium (b/c its the lowest numbered "rare" resource i have), but lately I've had a problem placing extractors on the planet/systems.  It first started with a delayed audio notification and ended up being I had to wait for the audio notification in order to actually place the extractor.  Then it got worst, and has been getting worse from that point.

I now can place all 5 as quick as possibly, with the audio being spot on, ready-to-go move on to next planet/system and done, right?  But I come back from work or sleep and only get 3-4 collections, even tho I sent out all 5.  Mind other players to get 5, you needed to spend $$ before the game was released, then another at least $50 to get the 5th extractor sent out, so $100+++.  Anyway, Now its gotten worse!!!  I can now hear the notification, and wait a few seconds to move to the next place to extract, and see that my count of extractors didn't get used up.  I'll explain how its been in the last few weeks V down there!


Alrighty then!  Now I normally extract, or bug/drone, from Jupiter(new resource), Saturn (IDK why), Mars(mainly for Gallium but never get it), Eris(only place to get Mutagen Samples{epic rareness}) and finally Uranus(Gallium again).  My normal rotation is Jup, Sat, Ura, Eris, Mars.  I noticed that didn't work b/c Uranus never got bugged/droned, or extracted.  Jokes aside, I tried a different route, Jup, Sat, Eris, Mars, Ura..........Still Uranus gave up nothing, Jokes aside, now its just random as poop, and today I was able to bug Eris 2x, came back and only got 4 collections, Between the testing time I changed up everything, and still 3-4 collections, waited well over the audio notification and double checked each planet/system, still being able to "recast" on the same place and end up with 3-4.

This need to be fixed, not only b/c its an epic bug to play with and see how screwed you get, but it costed real $$.  Uranus!

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