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What Needs To Change


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I sent this message to DE (specifically, DE_Sheldon) after reading through their apology.  After learning of Ced23Ric's resignation and seeing numerous threads which seemed to support my beliefs, I figured I might as well share this with everyone to see what you all think of it. 




"First of all, I would like to express my gratitude towards the DE staff for being willing to publicly announce their mistakes and attempting to fix them.  I don't particularly care about the 50 platinum or the mutagen mass, but it is a nice extra. I know that you've had a stressful week or two, and that sometimes fans assume the worst.  However, I also feel that something else needs to be said.


Almost every major update since when I signed up 6 months ago has been met with controversy and fan outcry.  Sometimes it is worse than others, but it is usually present in some regard.  This latest uproar is not an isolated incident, only a single part of a pattern. 


Unless you significantly change your development process, this situation is going to happen again.  Staff members fully admit that they work extremely long hours in a rush to put together major content updates.  This is the underlying problem.  You cannot possibly be at the top of your game while utilizing this strategy.  Mistakes get made, and things aren't properly tested.  You need to slow down. 


Building an MMO is very different from creating any other type of game, because an MMO is constantly building upon itself.  If you mess something up, it will become worse and worse the longer it remains unfixed.  By upping the pace, you are only succeeding in racing yourselves.  I can almost guarantee you that most MMOs which are successful in the long term thoroughly test every patch for days (or even weeks) before releasing them. 


You need to understand something.  Every time one of these backlashes occurs, players will become more resentful of both the staff and the game.  They will forgive your mistakes (especially if you apologize and offer them compensation), and they will even forget about the issues themselves (assuming they are fixed).  But subconsciously, those incidents will slowly build up.  When a veteran player eventually leaves the game, it won't usually be because of one issue; it will be due to all of those subconscious thoughts finally adding up to a breaking point. 


I am begging you: slow down.  After assembling an update, take a couple of days to just playtest everything.  Maybe give the patch to a few members of the community, and see what they think.  Give a full, detailed report of all the changes within the patch on the forums at least 24 hours before it goes live.  You could even get some of the staff together with some of the experienced players every couple of weeks to talk about current issues and potential fixes in a video session.  If a patch isn't ready, for whatever reason, then delay it.  The fans will understand; they would rather have slower updates than a broken game. 


I really like Warframe, and I want it to be successful for a long time.  This entire situation is depressing to watch.  I don't honestly expect this message to change anything, but if you've read it, then thank you for your time."




Honestly, reading it again, I don't believe that I was harsh enough.  Based on the content of Ced23Ric's posts, I was also a bit overoptimistic in my characterization of the main problem.  I now honestly believe that one of the major problems is not that DE is not hearing rational feedback, but rather that some members of the staff are deliberately ignoring it.


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 If a patch isn't ready, for whatever reason, then delay it.  The fans will understand; they would rather have slower updates than a broken game. 


I expressed pretty much this exact sentiment.

And You were harsh enough as is, the objective isn't to give out to them. And if it is, then you shouldnt

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