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Weapon Swap Controls Feedback

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So... Melee as it currently exists (and will exist if Wukong is any indicator with his rework) is still very awkward what with blocking being automatic unless you're only using a melee AND switching to a gun when you try to press the appropriate button if you stop swinging for even a moment. My idea for a solution is a bit layered.

1) Give us an option to flip controls when we switch to melee (For me, this would mean left click changes from shoot gun to swing melee, and right click changes from swing melee to shoot gun, thus making left click always be the way to attack with the equipped weapon and right click being the way to switch to the other then using left click to resume firing/swinging)

2) Make the aim/block button only do aiming while you're using a gun and block while using a melee. Auto block can still be enabled while also giving us a return to the manual block for builds using stuff like Guardian Derision or who want to keep their melee out while gliding.

2a) Alternately, make manual blocking a toggled option like with the melee attack key. Let those who want it to be a block while using melee keep that

Edit: Oh, and if you make manual block available through these options, disable aim glide from the auto blocking and only have manual blocking trigger it.

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