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Special Phobos Mission - Infect / Exterminate


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TLDR version: This is a two-part mission. Part 1 is to infect a Grineer settlement, which gives a key to return. Part two of the mission is to return to the infested settlement to exterminate all the infested creatures.


In an effort to strike a more decisive blow to the Grineer, the Lotus has chosen a brutal strategy for any Tenno brave and cutthroat enough to follow through. Infectious mass from Infested ships has been refined into a devious weapon which can quickly infect organic matter and even reshape solid metal to make a better living space for itself. This sort of weapon is extremely dangerous to be around, so Tenno will be sent to the mission site with a sealed container. Upon reaching either a major air duct or a potable water pump system, the device is attached and primed for 5 minutes, giving the Tenno operatives enough time to escape before the infection begins.


Upon completion of the objective, participating Tenno are given a key which lets them return to the settlement they just infected, with the goal of purging the settlement-bound infestation before they can start spreading to other nearby objects in space. The key-accessed version now has an infested creature set, including Eviscerators, Hellions, Informant Drones, and Desert Skates, all affected by the malevolent and fast-spreading infestation. 


 It is much easier to let the infestation cripple the Grineer infrastructure before we exterminate the settlement, so that we can leave afterwards and know that the settlement is now useless and probably hazardous to Grineer who would try to salvage something from it. 


I'm not sure how this fits in the lore or story, or what kind of rewards might be limited to this zone, but I think this could be a great way to introduce new mobs (and possibly a new threat to join the infested masses, the infested Informant Drone)




And the Lotus has similar plans for the Corpus settlements, whenever we finally find them.

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