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DE, if you're not going to be adding trial back soon, like within the next year. please consider reintroducing the emblems in some way, or if you're dead set on keeping those exclusively rewards for the removed trials, PLEASE add in more 3d emblems. I'm so sick of all these uncolorable, low effort 2d emblems you guys keep putting out. People rarely care to use any of them and when they do its usually because the Ki'teer emblem just doesn't look good on whatever they're putting emblems on, its a cutom clan emblem, there's some pride or emotional attachment to a specific emblem, it makes sense thematically, or they just flat out don't have anything else. Sounds like a lot of good reasons except none of those amount to "it actually looks good". Its frustrating that the best looking emblems in the game are unobtainable, not because they were a founder or prime acess exclusive (tho that would still be incredibly annoying, please do not ever put an emblem in prime acess), but because they were part of a system that, tho it was originally intended to stay in the game indefinately, ended up being removed because the devs were too lazy to fix it.

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