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[GUIDE] Best SOLO ressources farming method (work for Beginners)





So the optimal setup include :

Limbo with a good range/eff build (accessible for beginners with some orokin vault mods)

Smeeta Kavat for ressources buff (not accessible for beginners)

Staticor or some weapon (ignis wraith, atomos, amprex) that can kill lots of mobs in short duration (accessible for beginners)


The result :

https://i.imgur.com/tnJBdwI.jpg You must zoom for details


The goal is to run everywhere with radar mod then just spam your 4 to break all those containers to collect loots.

PS: You drop good amount of Ayatan Stars so you can "farm" endo at the same time if you buy cheap Ayatan Sculpture then fill

PS2 : I took "main" needed ressources so if you want another ressources, ask me

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Or make a habit of always taking Carrier (from the market) with you with the Looter mod (from Simaris) + Vacuum on it; you'll empty all containers without having to do any effort, regardless the rest of your setup.

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Phew...where to start...

1. Beginner friendly guide: Advising a MR9 and 2 MR10 weapons is quite the opposite of beginner. Atomos with MR5 is somewhat okish

2. Corrupted Mods...like yeah, all beginners run around with all Corrupted Mods maxed and spare Reactors

3. Your Limbo build for smashing crates is trash. You need to cast Cataclysm 3 times to destroy them (145% Strength is needed). Energy Conversion in a spam build? And we all know that Natural Talent is a common drop on Earth

4. Smeeta Kavat

5. RNG. Sure your Screenshots show some good yield but how many tries did it take to get these? Sometimes there are runs you'll end up with only 100 Polymer after 5 minutes


I am not saying this is all bad what you wrote/did...but it's by far a beginner friendly method. And veterans either swim in Resources or commit to farm runs

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