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Banshee rework idea as a type of duality frame

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I think Banshee could be a next frame we could take into a consideration to make a rework for (after vauban duh, DE give him a turret ples).

I came up with kind of unique ability for this warframe well than let me explain. Everything starts in the Duality aspect.


Banshee's abilities would change depending if here Silence ability is on or off, than let me start with Silence.


Ability 3 - Silence

Channeled ability taking energy over time

The ability stays the same, but works in a few meters radius around Banshee. So when Silence is active her other abilities change, to transform her either into Sound blasting demon or silent assasin.


Ability 1 - Sonic Boom / Sonic Bend

Sonic boom: Same functionality, (When silence is off)

Sonic bend: Silent version of the skill, pulls in the enemy into the radius of silence and opens them for finishers


Ability 2 - Sonar

Same functionality, I think we can agree this is a really good skill and allows Banshee to amplify her damage.


Ability 4 - Sound Quake / Dead Silence

Sound Quake - Banshee amplifies her sounds, so every action she makes releases a Sound Wave that deals damage. Every weapon shot, every step, every jump, every roll Releases a sound wave. Sound waves would be bigger and deal more damage with ground slams, high jumps and loud weapons. This would be a channeled ability and works when silence is off.

Dead Silence - Enemies' weapons explode with the contact of Dead silence, dissarming enemies and dealing damage to them. Afterwards enemies take Damage overtime after the explosion and gets a few seconds stun scaling with Duration mods. Channeled ability when Silence is on.


Damage that the abilities Deal could be a thing to settle, I think Sound Quake and Dead Silence could be a % damage based ability with the cost of taking away some range. Sonic boom could stay as Impact while Sonic bend would deal corrosive damage to make enemies easier to kill with finisher.

Passive could stay the same, I think her Passive is a nice thing but with addition of Channeled Silence it could change to something more fitting or change depending when Silence is on or off.


Passive idea just in case

When silence is off it could make so Every weapon is alarming so it creates a soundwave on her ult, when silence is on it could hush all the weapons.


Thanks for reading V_V

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Interesting idea, I especially love her new Sound Quake. I am not quite sure if this duality really makes sense, as long as stealth is not really an option. Also you made her silent side cost more, through channeling silence, but it does not sound powerful enough to warrant this. Maybe kick Sonic boom and make a metamorphosis like ability to change between modes with no running costs.

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A duality theme doesn't really make sense for her, that's the entire shtick for Equinox, but I kinda link the sound of Dead Silence

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