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Sicarus firing animation bug


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Sicarus (tested with sicarus prime) has a bug where you do not hold the gun up while firing it. I believe this bug only happens in the circumstance I found but I'm not certain. 

Actions performed to cause bug:

  1. Fire weapon while standing still (works both zoomed and not zoomed).
  2. Reload Sicarus (not tested with reload mods, but still works with smeeta quick reload).
  3. Make sure arm is already hanging at your side before firing.
  4. Fire your Sicarus without zooming in (zooming fixes bug)
  5. Warframe's arm will not rise up to fire weapon, instead it will flinch in accordance with each bullet from the burst.


Bug can be fixed by either zooming in or walking in any direction. This was tested on Nova prime in kuva survival both while holding and not holding a kuva catalyst for same results. Sicarus had been form'd, had no riven, was using base skin.

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