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Semi-Auto Exergis bug?


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Some how got this to happen after swapping my mods around. I had my Kavat equipped and he buffed me so I dont know if that had something to do with it. It went away and I am trying to replicate it so I can give a proper bug report.

Not gonna lie though, this is some of the most fun I have had with this weapon. DE should make a semi-auto primary with the same kickback and SFX.

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3 minutes ago, divineheralder said:

DE should make a semi-auto primary

It already is Semi-Auto by default.

In the video, Exergis seems to have gained an instant Reload, and I guess "Duplex" firing like on Tigris.

Just now, DemonDaemion said:

Can't remember how it's achieved in the simulacrum but I know it happens with the reactant buff in fissures (same with the tigris). Not a bug.

... no, it happpening without the 0 Ammo usage Reactant buff is most definitely a bug 😛

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