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Warframe is a lovely game i found i picked up and i love the variety of things you can do. I want to support the developers as much as my wallet allows.
On the other hand there are some balance issues i have to name.

1. Trinity

As stated by this lovely guy in the video below. I agree everything he says and i cannot describe it better than he does:


2. Itzal

Teleporting is way too OP. Catching up to that speed with k-drive a fully modded 4 forma and my level 25 odonata is near impossible. Something fuelled by fish oil can be so fast? My suggestion is remove blink and make an augment for it half a year later that makes it give you 50% extra loot chance/stunned enemy.



Damage reduction. instant 200k damage. mapwide slow down and most importantly : wormhole. As a valkyr main i feel highly offended why teleporting is much faster than my ripline. Damage reduction is highly unreasonable when you have godlike CC abilites especially when valkyr range is limited by 1 meter with its claws. Anyway teleporting makes no sense whatsoever.


Why do i have to do eidolons to get arcanes? They are buggy mass and not new player friendly at all. Its not a secret i love valkyr in every situation but pubs are always toxic with me because the frame i love. Please remove them and place rewards either in conclave standing or nightwave which are much better mechanics.


Thanks for hearing me out. i would love to give as much as feedback as possible as possible please ask me anything so i can improve it upon!

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1. The guy is wrong.

Everything Trinity does regarding energy and health is in no way required for a normal gameplay. Healing is done more effectively with Operator  arcanes, for energy we have Zenurik. On top of that EV build basically makes her useless beyond giving energy which decreases the overal firepower of a squad. Kinda a fair exchange. The most useful thing Trinity has is damage resistanses which truly makes her an effectife tank and support frame.

2. It has been adressed on TennoLive.

3. Do you know that building Nova into MP also renders her Worm Hole useless because of maxing out power duration via Narrow Minded? You know, balance.

4. This sounds a bit surprising for me as in comparison to some other parts of the game Eidolons seemed fairly bugs-free. In terms of new player friendliness, they are supposed to be the main endgame of Warframe so no surprise.

However their strict squad composition limitations is indeed a serious issue if you ask me and needs to be dealt with.

Btw I appreciate your opinion about Conclave, but placing the arcanes behind it would make the playerbase... well... angry to say the least. Which is kind of satisfying but bad for the game.

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Why not just enjoy playing valkyr and accept that other frames may have some other abilities that outclass some valkyr abilities?  That's the case with every frame after all.  There is no one frame that is best for everything.

For the record, I also really like Valkyr,  she's good fun.  Just have fun and don't worry about eidolon,  there are waaaay better choices for that one specific game mode but hell, I've done eidolon with ember and a snipetron so just enjoy yourself. 

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2. Every Archwing will be able to blink, soon™

3. Here's your problem:

1 hour ago, lovesz said:

i feel highly offended

4. They're not supposed to be for new players

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I think your opinions are valid but flawed. Archwings will always be better than kdrive especially because flying overcomes terrain.

Nova is indeed one of the most versatile frame. However each frame has their own weakness(es) such as being much more paper even with dr than Valkyr. Nova and Valkyr excel in different things, they are mere tools to be used in different situations.

Eidolons are 'endgame' content meant for dedicated players, difficulty is intended.

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